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“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

Penned the great travel writer and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson in the year 1878. Today, 137 years later our horizons are broadened and we are a part of the great nexus that covers our Planet. We live in a generation of globetrotters who are bitten by the travel bug, afflicted by what can only be defined by the term ‘Wanderlust’. You can look up its meaning in any dictionary, but you can not possibly understand, just by reading it. The most important and powerful tool in a traveller’s backpack is the passport! The sad thing is, not all countries have equally effective passports. Some are, in many ways, more powerful than others.

Here’s a list of fifteen most influential and powerful passports. Their effectiveness is determined by the time in which the citizens can obtain their Passport and the number of countries that provide Visa free access or Visa-upon-arrival facility to the Passport holder.

To have one of these, and not travel would indeed be a sin.

15. Norway – Norwegian Passport

norway passport

One of the quickest Passport service in the entire world. It takes a maximum of three hours to get it issued! Now that is quick! Not only that, it also provides a Visa on Arrival access to about 141-171 countries. Though the number of countries varies each year as new ones are added to the list while few leave, it generally hovers around 150.

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