A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in 4 Simple Steps

Price Howard/ January 16, 2018/ Citizenship Invest

  The very word ‘investing’ can cause many people to switch off, glaze over and start dreaming about their dinner. Many people assume investing is the preserve of the rich or those with an economics degree, but investing is actually so much simpler than you might think. Investing is all about making the most of the money you have. It

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Top Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Second Passport

Price Howard/ May 9, 2016/ Citizenship With Investment, Countries That Offer Citizenship By Investment

Reason #1: More Internationalization Options Obtaining a second passport can literally open the door to a world of internationalization options for your assets and income that are off limits to citizens of certain countries. This is especially true for Americans, who are often treated as if they have the plague when they attempt to open foreign financial accounts and are

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5 Indispensable Passport Safety Tips for Travelers

Price Howard/ April 9, 2016/ Countries That Offer Citizenship By Investment

The friendly old passport: petite, colorful, a little dog-eared but undoubtedly the international traveler’s best friend. It gives you the world and asks for nothing in return, except perhaps that you know where it is at all times. But because of its intrinsic value, it’s also a tremendous liability – to lose it brings incalculable annoyance. Which brings up an

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